What’s Your Motive?

Leftist philosophy is the set of political ideas would you come up with if you viewed life as a horrible set of circumstances, to be avoided at all cost, as much as humanly possible. If you viewed thought-directed action solely and exclusively as a means to escape and evade as much of the horrible affliction and hardship that is life as possible, placing no importance on, or having any regard for achieving any of the rewards life has to offer, then what you would come up with would be identical to leftist philosophy.

I’m speaking specifically about collectivism — subordinating the individual to the “greater good,” or to the collective. And the altruist code of morality/ethics that is presented in the bible, and in communism/socialist/leftist philosophy — the idea that your only moral purpose is to serve others, that you have no right to exist for your own sake. Think about it.

What a horrible mess of evasive thinking leftism is.



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