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Can The President Kill You?

On March 6, 2013, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul filibustered Obama’s CIA nominee John Brennan for 13 hours. It took 13 hours because the White House refused to answer Paul’s simple question: Can the President assassinate U.S. citizens suspected of terrorism without due process, who are not actively involved in combat? Silence, in this case, speaks volumes. Why would an executive want to reserve that power?

obama thinking

As a self-identified collectivist (advocates wealth redistribution), President Obama regards individual rights as subordinate to the “public good” or the “needs of others.” This much, at least, is abundantly clear from his views on individual property rights.

You might be wondering “what’s wrong with collectivism, and public good?” In order to survive and thrive as a human being, an individual must be free to acquire and keep values which support his/her life, by his/her own judgment and action. Such is the nature of the human organism. Birds fly, cheetahs sprint, and humans think. Without the freedom to act on independent judgment without interference, an individual may survive by the charity (or mutual enslavement) of others, such as under socialism or communism, but without the freedom to act upon his best judgement, the individual is not the owner of his own life, because he is not free to sustain it.

The right to life being irrefutably linked to the right to property (values required for survival) — which the President has demonstrated zero regard for — gives us insight into Obama’s views on individual rights to life and liberty. Whether he is aware of the connection between the right to property and the right to life and self-ownership or not is irrelevant, and is only that much more dangerous, if he is not aware of it.

Were there not limitations placed on him by the constitutional republic which he has been elected to represent, it would be difficult to make the argument that the President would not have already stripped Americans of most, if not all property rights, given his rhetoric on the issue, and already have executed non-combatant Americans without process of law on American soil. (He has already executed Americans abroad extra judicially). Why would it be difficult to make that argument?

Because it is not reasonable to expect him to respect the lives of individuals, given his complete disregard for the property and autonomy of individuals — both of which are integral and essential to a rewarding and productive human life.

Historically speaking, the “public good” has been the justification for the slaughter and enslavement of more than a hundred and fifty million people according to some estimates. And that’s just the 20th century. It continues to be the justification for ever-increasing rights-violations by all governments of the world today.

We should all be grateful for the effort put forth by Mr Paul to preserve Americans’ right to life and liberty.


Doctor Shortage? No Problem! Redefine “Doctor”!


California is experiencing a doctor shortage. So the obvious thing to do is to redefine what “doctor” means, carry on with all the policies that resulted in said shortage, and hope that everyone is too stupid to notice. Right?? Maybe it will just… go away? Who knows what they think. Like how they changed what “unemployed” means when they saw the economy wasn’t recovering, that unemployment is actually HIGHER than it ever was during the great depression. …but it can’t be our policies!! It must be the way we’re defining unemployment! Of course.

It’s the equivalent of sticking your index fingers in your ears, closing your eyes, and going “LALALALALALALAIDONTCAREWHATYOUSAYLALALALALALAICANDOWHATIWANTLALALALALA” …it’s what Democrats do. It’s what liberals do. Wait, sorry, it’s what politicians do, and the people who support them. The difference between the left and right is that people dont take Christians serious enough to let them dictate policy, for the most part; we’ve separated church and state — but people still have yet to figure out that progressivism is just as asinine, destructive, and faith-based.

The efficient brilliance of statism, right before our eyes… what do you even say about this nonsense? To people with their eyes open, it looks a lot like witch-burning or virgin sacrifice.

It’s like this: Oh, the rain dance didn’t make it rain? Looks like we need to redefine what “rain” means then!! It can’t possibly be our policy of dancing to make it rain that’s wrong!

I got a better idea. Why don’t we take notice of the string of horrible results that happen whenever the government is in control of something, and then stop voting for people who believe government is the answer to every question.

Hitler and Obama Up In a Tree

I think this is actually an Obama quote. Oh, no, it’s Hitler, never mind. Hard to tell the difference sometimes, them both being extreme leftists. This is called ‘collectivism’ and it is the method by which all tyrants in history have justified the enslavement and genocide of millions. The same collectivism that liberals are teaching in our schools and universities. The same collectivism that Obama is attempting to institutionalize right now. Hitler and Obama share a philosophy — is it really any wonder people don’t want to give him their guns?


For everyone thinking “how dare you compare Obama with Hitler!”  I’m drawing parallels where they exist — these two men are both collectivists. I am certainly not equating the two morally(it would be very, very difficult for anyone to achieve as much evil as Hitler did), BUT I am definitely equating them in terms of their collectivist/altruist ideals. Actually I’m equating O with every tyrannical dictator ever, in terms of their political and moral ideals.

What’s Your Motive?

Leftist philosophy is the set of political ideas would you come up with if you viewed life as a horrible set of circumstances, to be avoided at all cost, as much as humanly possible. If you viewed thought-directed action solely and exclusively as a means to escape and evade as much of the horrible affliction and hardship that is life as possible, placing no importance on, or having any regard for achieving any of the rewards life has to offer, then what you would come up with would be identical to leftist philosophy.

I’m speaking specifically about collectivism — subordinating the individual to the “greater good,” or to the collective. And the altruist code of morality/ethics that is presented in the bible, and in communism/socialist/leftist philosophy — the idea that your only moral purpose is to serve others, that you have no right to exist for your own sake. Think about it.

What a horrible mess of evasive thinking leftism is.