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A Really Inconvenient Truth

This is the unavoidable truth of leftist philosophy. Violence and coercion is the only means to implement it. It requires the support of those who don’t voluntarily offer their support, and force is the only means to achieve it.

There are only two essential political choices: voluntary interaction(Capitalism), and everything else, which, while slightly different in their implementation, require violence to enforce. These leftist variations of totalitarian statism include, but are not limited to, communism, socialism, and fascism.

While I’m on the subject, it is inaccurate of me to refer to Obama as a socialist. Socialism means state ownership of industry and business. Fascism is something more insidious and destructive, because it allows failed government policy to be passed off as a failure of private enterprise. Under fascism, private ownership may be retained, but all business and industry is controlled and centrally regulated by the state. Obama is, more accurately, a fascist. To be clear, I am not demagoguing or appealing to emotion — by his own policy advocacy, and the definition of fascism, Obama is a fascist. That is fact. Bush was a fascist. Each and every President for the last 100 years has been a fascist to some degree, although none as ideologically or purposefully as Obama.



Is Bill On Truth Serum?

While inconsistent, he does appear to have a lucid moment once in a while. His liberal counterparts must have been squirming in their chairs right about the time he uttered this little gem.


Pure Democracy

Where there is arbitrary power over others through use of initiatory force, such as the government, the most power-hungry, unethical, and dishonest among us will be enticed by it.

When there is a government of men, and not a government of laws, such as in a pure democracy, where property and rights are subject to the vote, the most corruptible and unscrupulous among us will be drawn to its use.

We have given legitimacy to the criminal mindset by legitimizing initiatory force with democracy — stealing is still stealing, even if 90% vote for it. Regulation is initiatory force, no matter how many desire it. Ends cannot justify means.

Ethical and honest men/women seek to interact voluntarily, and accept nothing else.

Big-government Liberals and Conservatives. Union thugs. Environmentalists. Anti-abortion activists. Etc. Your philosophies are built on the tenet that it is proper to force others to do what you have decided is good. Do some introspection.